Marcus Evans may be many things, some say he is involved in (or has been at some stage) as a gun-runner, corrupt businessman and money-launderer, but I would never say such a thing until some of those disgruntled ex-employees grow some and actually put the evidence in the public domain.
The much-loved (by those in his pay) Ipswich Town owner is usually described in the national press, well Charlie Sale mainly, as the biggest ticket tout in the world, while the sickeningly obsequious local press run scared from him and say whatever he wants them to say, but fair play, if that is the right phrase, to him for actually making public the price he sold Connor Wickham to Sunderland for. £8.1million is good business for Ipswich, lets face it the £4m add ons will probably turn out irrelevent, but by making public the price there will be no guessing, or as is usually the case misleading figures 'leaked' out by club insiders, from both camps, causing confusion and debates in the press box whenever a story beckons. 
At Norwich that practice still pervades as Paul Lambert and his old mate from Celtic still look to control every aspect of what goes at, and on the periphery, of Carrow Road and it seems to be getting results - for now at least.
At the same time City's signings have been more impressive, and conducted far more discreetly. Bradley Johnson is the latest acquisition and he has top level experience while Anthony Pilkington is at the other side of the spectrum but with potential and talent to spare. So it would appear the new blood means they have far more chance of staying in the Premier League than their East Anglian rivals have of getting there.
Still, things can change quickly in football - as in life.