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Farewell To A Legend

Posted by Derek Davis on Sunday, July 31, 2011, In : Ipswich Town 

OK, legend maybe over-egging it somewhat, and farewell is not totally accurate, but outgoing Ipswich Town communications director Terry Baxter (in the middle of the motley crew above right) will appreciate the irony of the headline.

The green-fingered, media-mogul wannabe, popped into the Portman Road media centre before Town's pre-seaon loss to Wolves to bid farewell to his old mates in the Press pack and their hangers-on, before embarking on a not-so-new career.  

He will know that ...

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A Fan's First Dilemma

Posted by Derek Davis on Monday, July 25, 2011,

SUPPORTING the right team as a child can be a complicated affair these days.
Getting it right is important because and you can't, or shouldn't, change it and the team you support so often defines you in life.
Certainly when first introduced and that seemingly innocent icebreaker is asked. Which team do you support then? Followed by - how come?
Say Manchester United and you are from - let's say - Ipswich and you will be labeled a glory-hunter and respect is lost.
Say Ipswich and people will nod an...

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Learning The Hard Way

Posted by Derek Davis on Sunday, July 17, 2011, In : Peterborough United 

Never go back. Such sound advice if taken as you can’t fail if you don’t take the risk.
The braver, if not always the happiest, thing is to grasp the nettle and give it ago.
Posh fans are delighted Darren Ferguson ignored the negative route and returned to Peterborough United, where he had once fallen out so badly with chairman Darragh MacAnthony. He quit London Road in November 2009 and watched from afar as a relatively unknown, and totally inexperienced Mark Cooper took the entertaining, ...

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Scandal At School

Posted by Derek Davis on Sunday, July 17, 2011, In : Village Life 

THE poster by the school playground wasn’t huge but it sent out a big message.

A total of £2,018.75 had been raised at a recent fair at the school, ‘A Record Amount!’ it exclaimed at the bottom, and it was that final line which no doubt prompted many a wry smile by a majority of parents of the schoolchildren.

You see, no doubt the local media will pick up on this eventually, a huge scandal has engulfed the school of late with police investigating claims that almost £10...

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Lee Bowyer - Devil Incarnate or Ipswich Saviour?

Posted by Derek Davis on Sunday, July 10, 2011, In : Ipswich Town 

Say what you want about Lee Bowyer, and many people say many things about him good and bad, this battling midfielder does what it says on the tin. He can dominate in midfield, he is a ball-winner who plays his heart out closing down the opposition, scraps for every ball, can pick a pass – oh and he can score goals from outside the box on a pretty regular basis.

So why then are many Ipswich fans unhappy, nay disgusted even, at the prospect of Bowyer signing for their club – probably this ...

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An Affair With a Twist

Posted by Derek Davis on Saturday, July 9, 2011, In : Village Life 

Affairs are common place the world over and in my little village it is no different.
However, this little tale of bed-hopping goes a wee bit further in terms of OMG and laugh out loud moments.
I got to know M and his wife B when we lived next to them. The previous owner of the house we bought warned us B was a little strange, well mad as a March Hare actually, and could be over-bearing. Husband M was as normal as an Queen and Satus Quo fan could be and was something of a motorhead but a genuine...

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Transparency and all that opaqueness

Posted by Derek Davis on Friday, July 1, 2011,

Marcus Evans may be many things, some say he is involved in (or has been at some stage) as a gun-runner, corrupt businessman and money-launderer, but I would never say such a thing until some of those disgruntled ex-employees grow some and actually put the evidence in the public domain.
The much-loved (by those in his pay) Ipswich Town owner is usually described in the national press, well Charlie Sale mainly, as the biggest ticket tout in the world, while the sickeningly obsequious local pres...

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Derek Davis People say you can't teach an old sea dog new tricks, well I could prove a few wrong. After nine and a bit years working at the East Anglian Daily Times mainly as their Chief Football Writer covering Ipswich Town I'm now trying out life as a freelancer. Obviously after so long writing about sport, including the joys of petanque, but also a bit of boxing, some rugby and athletics, I will carry on in that vein and I have already done work for the Sunday Times, Independent on Sunday, various national dailies including The Times, Star and Express, as well as FanhouseUK website. But I'm looking to expand with work in other areas, especially features on a variety of issues, business and finance matters and travel. I also have other ideas using this website, which I'm developing on a daily (well almost) basis. I have also worked for the Stoke Sentinel where I had a year covering Port Vale, more interesting than it sounds. Before that I was at the Colchester Evening Gazette where I had a brilliant time working with some terrific people in a great place to cut my teeth in journalism before 'specialising' in sport. I trained at Highbury College, Portsmouth where I won the coveted, well it was by me, James Arlott Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Journalism Student award. I know Portsmouth well as I was also there during my days in the Royal Navy and when I came back from working in the Middle East as a crash rescue fireman. Just so you don't get confused with the picture, I'm the one in the middle picking up my second EDF Energy Sports Journalist of the Year award. The guy on the right is Olympic swimmer Mark Foster if you thought he looked familiar. The love of my life is my seven-year-old son Albie and he is a total joy.
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