Affairs are common place the world over and in my little village it is no different.
However, this little tale of bed-hopping goes a wee bit further in terms of OMG and laugh out loud moments.
I got to know M and his wife B when we lived next to them. The previous owner of the house we bought warned us B was a little strange, well mad as a March Hare actually, and could be over-bearing. Husband M was as normal as an Queen and Satus Quo fan could be and was something of a motorhead but a genuine good guy.
They have two children and it was through them that B got involved in the local school, first the nursery and later the primary and had a very close pal we shall call M2 who was also on the parish council and got involved in everything in the village, secretary, newsletter, all sorts.
Well, at some point M got on the parish council too, you think you know where this is going don't you?. Well you are almost right. They had got close over the minutes, while M2 continued to be B's best mate.
During the 'any other questions' section at a parish council meeting in the village hall one otherwise mundance night, B's husband raised his hand and asked: "When is the member councillor going to tell the committee that he is shagging the secretary - my wife?" Or words to that effect.
As you can imagine there was much jaw-dropping and shaking of heads while the digestives were left uneaten.
M denied there was anything going on and remained with B for another year before suddenly announcing he was leaving B, the two kids, cats, dogs and rest of menagerie, to live above the post office with M2.
B did not take this well collapsing on the drive of the school one day, telling all and sundry how she had been betrayed by hubby and best pal - a woman scorned indeed.
I saw M and M2 walking along the sea wall, hand in hand, a few days ago and they appeared as happy and love sick as a pair of 40 somethings can be in public.
But it doesn't end there. Hubby of M2 took up with another girl for solace but it now turns out that said girlfriend, I'll call her E, swings both ways and has embarked on an affair, sordid or otherwise, with the much-maligned B.
Whatever next? Not sure but will let you know.